The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack, Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series I introduced the core ideas around defining the requirements and then discussed the first four.  Today we’ll discuss the final two requirements and tie it all together. Onwards and upwards! Requirement #5 – Scalable, Elastic, and Performant Enterprise-grade has to mean something. In the past, enterprise-grade related to a certain quality … Continue reading

That time the CIA dropped by Backblaze and how AWS isn’t always the cheapest option

We’re a success-obsessed culture but most people learn more from their screw-ups than their wins. That’s why Failcon is a great idea, says Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze. It’s a conference where executives discuss their, yes, failures. Budman also talks about when the CIA dropped by to ask  how Backblaze stores massive amounts of user data (hmmmm …. ); and how, … Continue reading

OpenStack Havana goes live, but here’s what’s important: new users!

The OpenStack Havana release is available as of Thursday — but the delivery of semi-annual code updates is table stakes. What will be more telling is how many actual user companies — as opposed to OpenStack-affiliated vendors — show up at the big OpenStack Summit next month in Hong Kong. And that metric looks promising. “Shutterstock and Concur and Workday … Continue reading

What’s hot in tech? Amazon’s cloud and productivity apps — no, really!

This week Jerry Chen, partner with Greylock Partners, and former VMware VP, talks about the battle royale brewing between Amazon Web Services and the rest of the known universe and why he thinks there’s a post-Office, post-Google Apps future in productivity applications. Greylock Ventures’ partner Jerry Chen And, speaking of battles, Derrick Harris and I discuss what looks to be … Continue reading

Booz Allen’s top data guy: the best data science teams are like jazz quartets

When folks hear think data scientists, they usually envision of  stats and computer science geeks. And those skills are important, but for Josh Sullivan,  VP  of strategic innovation at Booz Allen Hamilton its equally if not critical to find people with huge intellectual curiosity regardless of their field of expertise. One of his best hires was a guy with a … Continue reading

IBM gets patent to battle cloud ‘noisy neighbor’ problem with SDN

Even ardent cloud computing users get frustrated at times, and one of the big culprits is the “noisy neighbor” problem. Essentially, that’s when one application or virtual machine on the physical host server is sucking up bandwidth and leaving the other VMs on the server — which likely are running some other customers’ application — with uneven network performance. IBM claims … Continue reading

Forget Terabit networks; new multicore fibers could signal the Petabit age

Some interesting experiments in fiber optics could dramatically improve the data rates of our backbone internet networks. Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan said on Tuesday that they have successfully demonstrated a multicore fiber network controlled via software-defined networking (SDN). Fiber strands today are essentially … Continue reading

Super-secure NSA Utah data center laid low by electrical problems: Report

Now this is embarrassing. The humongous National Security Agency data center in Utah —  the one that was reportedly going to house lots of  meta data about our email and phone conversations and perhaps even the conversations themselves? Well, it’s been afflicted by “chronic electrical surges” that have destroyed critical gear and delayed it coming online for another year, according … Continue reading

Today in APIs: Social Money Launches Private Beta API, AccountingSuite Announces Real-Time Cloud Accounting API, and 10 New APIs

Social Money launches CorePro, a core processing system that integrates savings accounts into third party platforms. AccountingSuite announces its first realtime API at API World Conference. Plus: StackMob unveils a service partner program and 10 new APIs. Social Money Opens its First API in Private Beta Social Money, goal savings application provider, has opened up its first open API: CorePro. … Continue reading

Fantasy football: Big data’s killer app? Plus HP’s cloud guru on why the cloud isn’t Narnia

Prepare for more coopetition in cloud land. Margaret Dawson, HP’s Cloud Evangelist talks about why HP might put its own OpenStack distribution out there for customers to use. HP already uses it in-house, but an HP-branded OpenStack might shake up the OpenStack ecosystem —  there are already OpenStack versions available from HP partners SUSE, Ubuntu, and others. Margaret Dawson, VP … Continue reading