Forget Terabit networks; new multicore fibers could signal the Petabit age

Some interesting experiments in fiber optics could dramatically improve the data rates of our backbone internet networks. Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) in Japan said on Tuesday that they have successfully demonstrated a multicore fiber network controlled via software-defined networking (SDN). Fiber strands today are essentially … Continue reading

HP Opens Store to Drive SDN Application Adoption

In theory the rise of software-defined networking is supposed to give rise to a new class of applications that will give developers more control over, for example, location-based services. In actual practice no one is quite certain how developer will invoke SDN capabilities, but the folks at Hewlett-Packard are anxious to find out. At the Interop New York 2013 conference … Continue reading

OpenIncubate launches to supercharge infrastructure startups with open-source cred

All systems are go for OpenIncubate, a new accelerator seeking startups focused on open IT infrastructure. Austin Ventures, Battery Ventures and The Valley Fund are behind the accelerator, which plans to officially launch Thursday and hopes to shake up staid, proprietary corners of IT. We’ve already seen enterprise-focused accelerators and hardware accelerators cropping up. OpenIncubate takes from each of those … Continue reading

Going virtual: NetSocket turns to software to spot network problems

Each month, it seems, the powers that be in networking are zapping a networking component, making it go up in smoke and transforming it into software. The magic continued Monday with NetSocket, a company that sells a box for detecting problems with unified communications. It’s coming out with a version of the product that can run on commodity servers, as … Continue reading

As telcos resist granular energy monitoring, they squander opportunities in the cloud

Telcos dream of the kind of cloud success Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others have attained, but they don’t always want to embrace innovations from other realms. While not everything done at webscale companies like Facebook makes sense for telcos to adopt, they could stand to apply similar approaches if they wish to become more competitive with the big cloud providers. … Continue reading

Control Plane – Data Plane Separation: Architecture Gridlock

Posted on March 19, 2013 by Pere Monclus CP – DP Separation: Architecture Gridlock The SDN community tends to lean towards technical discussions about architecture, which leaves the customer confused about how they will benefit from their adoption of SDN. At PLUMgrid, we talk about customer’s use cases and value that PLUMgrid can provide to it’s customers. However, at times … Continue reading

As SDN providers jockey for position, PLUMgrid hopes partnerships will make it stand apart

While many network vendors are busy standardizing code to implement software-defined networking (SDN), PLUMgrid, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., launched itself on to the scene Tuesday, with customers and use cases in tow. The timing could work to the startup’s advantage, and so could its alliances with other network vendors. PLUMgrid comes to the market with a bunch of partners that … Continue reading

Software is important to networking, and Juniper is on it

As software-defined networking (SDN) startups such as Big Switch and Embrane make headway and headlines, Juniper and other big network gear vendors have been responding with big visions and insider consortiums. In doing so, Juniper is looking to help companies bring ease and scalability to their networks just as compute and storage are becoming easier to control. As companies get … Continue reading

Researchers jump aboard Pica8′s OpenFlow switches as centralized management beckons

Longtime vendors might not want to admit it, but the OpenFlow protocol is turning out to be an important development in the world of networking. The latest evidence comes from Illinois, where 13 OpenFlow switches from scrappy networking startup Pica8 are empowering academics to more easily monitor their networks for security problems in real time and other functions. Researchers at … Continue reading

Mellanox devises modular-switching software to sell more rack switches

Networking chip maker Mellanox has already moved to implement OpenFlow to make its switches more amenable to software-defined networking (SDN). Now it’s turning to software to virtualize the modular switch, a popular component of networking in the data center. Like some SDN startups, Mellanox wants to challenge Cisco’s hold on the Ethernet switch market, and this is one more way to do … Continue reading