The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack, Part 2

In part 1 of this series earlier this week, I introduced The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack.  Today, I’m going to dig into the next two major requirements: Open Architectures and Hybrid Cloud Interoperability. Let’s get started. Requirement #3 – Open Architectures & Reducing Vendor Lock-in We already covered building a robust control plane and cloud management system. One of … Continue reading

The ABC’s of a Private PaaS Demo

Core customer use cases should be the focus of a private PaaS demo. This sounds obvious, but too many demos focus on what the “demoer” thinks is cool, rather than what real life is like for the customer. The customer in private PaaS tends to be very large organizations (think north of a couple thousand employees). If you’re a small five-man … Continue reading

How to Deliver Self-Service Through an IT Vending Machine

If you’re responsible for your organization’s IT operations, you’re always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve efficiency. What if you could give your end users and business units the tools they need to perform many IT tasks themselves? That’s the promise of an IT self-service portal — and RightScale can provide the tools to help you build such … Continue reading

The Webby Awards: Excellence in Application Scalability and Performance

Frank Ocean, Jerry Seinfeld, and Humans of New York are just a few of many honored for outstanding use of the web in this year’s Webby Awards. Established during the web’s infancy in 1996, today The Webby Awards garners millions of voters from over 60 countries around the world every April. This year, Engine Yard was thrilled to work with … Continue reading

New RightScale Release: Tag Sync, 13.5LTS, and OpenStack Neutron

RightScale unveiled the September 2013 release last week, with several exciting improvements: Tag sync between RightScale and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) makes it easier to organize and report on your environments. The latest 13LTS and 13.5 Infinity ServerTemplates™ include new clouds, new features, and new stacks. Automated cookbook metadata generation streamlines the building of ServerTemplates using … Continue reading

And That Was DevOps Days Atlanta

Last week I was lucky enough to have ActiveState pay for me to travel to and attend DevOps Days Atlanta. I was also selected as a speaker. In this post I am going to summarize my experience and hopefully give others, who might be thinking of attending one of the many other DevOps Days that happen around the world, an … Continue reading

Private and Hybrid Clouds: 9 Use Cases and Implementation Advice

The RightScale State of the Cloud Report reveals that 77 percent of organizations have a multi-cloud strategy. In some cases, “strategy” might be stretching it — business units may simply have chosen different cloud providers based on the individual needs of their applications. But enterprises that want to mix the resources of multiple private and public clouds in hybrid cloud … Continue reading

Viapps Announces Partnership with C12G Labs to Offer Virtualized Infrastructure Services

Viapps has just announced its partnership with C12G Labs to develop an integration between Viapps and OpenNebula for the automatic creation and management of virtualized infrastructure services like Firewalls, DNS/DHCP/NTP Servers, HTTP Proxy, SMTP Gateways and IP LoadBalance on cloud environments. Viapps is an opensource automation life cycle solution of infrastructure services on cloud environments. It allows to create, install, configure, update, manage, … Continue reading

Caught between cloud and a hard place: The week in cloud

IT execs scoping out whether to adopt cloud storage — or to increase their use of it– right now, must be hating their jobs right about now. Or else running to the server room to hug their on-site gear. On the one hand, there are near-daily revelations about government data scooping with the cooperation (albeit under pressure) of the big … Continue reading

Automating Cloud Security

Verizon’s 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report trumpets the fact that security issues are still a major concern for all IT organizations. For many enterprises, the move to cloud computing raises new or additional security concerns, but when applications and infrastructure are architected with attention to security, cloud platforms can be just as secure as those on-premises. Cloud applications are subject … Continue reading