API First Isn’t Just for Startups Anymore

It’s easy to think that the notion of “API first” should apply only to new companies, just designing their first product. But, with the growing API Economy, it’s come to be something all companies should consider. That was the objective for Kirsten Hunter, API Ninja at 3Scale, in her talk today at Gluecon. She’s been working with REST APIs for … Continue reading

Today in APIs: Pinterest's Business API

Pinterest offers new business insights API. Sigfox builds a wifi network for the Internet of Things. Plus: Sabre’s developer platform for travel opportunities, and a hackathon by women for women. Pinterest Launches New Business Insights API Pinterest is launching a new analytics API to help businesses understand the popularity of their products and what drives sales. The API is currently … Continue reading

APIs.io and APIs.json Launched at Gluecon to Make API Discoverability More Like Search

A new API Discoverability search engine and a robots.txt type-format have been launched today at Gluecon. As API deployment continues to grow exponentially, API providers face increasing challeneges in getting their public APIs noticed, while API developer-consumers are facing more difficulties in discovering potential APIs that can add value to their supply chain. With API discoverability set to become a … Continue reading

Connect2Me Creates World First IoT Marketplace – But Is It Viable?

Following the recent IoT Developers Conference in Santa Clara, Connect2Me has launched the “first Internet of Things (IoT) Marketplace and API Directory”. As the IoT device and API market continues to expand rapidly, vendors will face difficulties in getting their APIs and devices discovered, and will face growing competition to build loyal and evangelistic developer communities. So why does Connect2Me’s … Continue reading

The 6 Requirements of Enterprise-grade OpenStack, Part 3

In part 1 and part 2 of this series I introduced the core ideas around defining the requirements and then discussed the first four.  Today we’ll discuss the final two requirements and tie it all together. Onwards and upwards! Requirement #5 – Scalable, Elastic, and Performant Enterprise-grade has to mean something. In the past, enterprise-grade related to a certain quality … Continue reading