MightySignal Reveals the SDKs that iOS Apps are Using

As consumption of digital media continues to grow on mobile over desktop, data aggregation service MightySignal provides visibility into the mobile app economy. The company gathers and indexes data around the technologies that mobile app companies use, making it available to users in real-time. The company recently published an interactive index of all of the SDKs used by the Top … Continue reading

Gnip's Audience API Moves out of Beta

Gnip’s Audience API, now generally available to all, promises to let brands and marketers glean real-time, in-the-moment data about audiences that convalesce around topics, events, or other users. The idea is to give companies as much information as possible about those with whom they might want to engage — be it directly or via marketing/advertising.

Hyperwallet Expands Dev Toolkit with New API Functionality and SDKs

Hyperwallet, a payouts provider, revealed recently that its REST payout API has moved from public beta to full public availability. The announcement coincides with the launch of new Hyperwallet developer features, including software development kits (SDKs), additional API calls, and a bolstered self-serve developer portal. Hyperwallet has indicated that these new tools are intended to further expand API functionality and … Continue reading

How to Mine Tweets for Sentiment Analysis with the ParseHub API

If you ever need to analyze social media sites for your business analytics, you will notice two things: it takes some serious technical prowess to code everything yourself, and it takes some seriously deep pockets to get a consultant or a software company to do it for you. Fortunately, there are APIs that you can use to help with both … Continue reading