At Ballmer’s Microsoft, Stock Price Defies Sales Growth

Microsoft’s sales did nothing but grow during Steve Ballmer’s 13-year tenure as CEO , as depicted in this Bloomberg infographic, although that trend was not reflected in the company’s sluggish stock price. As an example, total sales grew 294 percent to almost $78 billion in that time while stock price fell 37 percent to $33.76 per share. On Thursday, after … Continue reading

Facebook’s answer to serving 700TB of graph search data is lots of SSDs

Facebook’s graph search feature requires finding and serving the right data fast, and from a database that currently houses more than a trillion posts and 700 terabytes of data overall. In a Thursday morning blog post, engineer Ashoat Tevosyan dove into some of the challenges of building infrastructure that can handle these demands. One decision stood out to me was … Continue reading

Amazon Web Services continue to tear it up

It looks like the relentless march of Amazon Web Services continued in the company’s third quarter. Net sales of “other” services — the umbrella category that includes AWS results — hit $960 million for the quarter ending September 30, 2013. That’s up nearly 58 percent from $608 million a year ago and nearly 14 percent sequentially from $844 million in the … Continue reading

A heaping helping of Hadoop products just hit the market

The newswires were inundated with Hadoop-related products announcements this week, and next week will be even crazier. Some are interesting, some are less interesting, but they all underscore the trend we’ve been seeing shape up for a couple years now: Big data, and Hadoop specifically, is the new cloud computing. Not in functionality, of course, but in strategic importance — … Continue reading

Fast-growing DigitalOcean brings in MakerBot vet to head finance

Larry White, who helped build 3D printing pioneer MakerBot into a market leader, is now  VP of finance at DigitalOcean, a hot New York-based IaaS provider that claims TaskRabbit and Amazon —  yes, Amazon! — among its customers. Larry White, VP of finance for DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean’s challenges now are similar to those MakerBot faced: how to grow from a small group of “brilliant entrepreneurs” into … Continue reading

That time the CIA dropped by Backblaze and how AWS isn’t always the cheapest option

We’re a success-obsessed culture but most people learn more from their screw-ups than their wins. That’s why Failcon is a great idea, says Gleb Budman, CEO and co-founder of Backblaze. It’s a conference where executives discuss their, yes, failures. Budman also talks about when the CIA dropped by to ask  how Backblaze stores massive amounts of user data (hmmmm …. ); and how, … Continue reading posts 3Q loss; outlook weak, CFO is leaving

Flash storage pioneer posted a third quarter loss Wednesday night with revenue dropping 27 percent year over year and said its CFO and EVP Dennis Wolf will be leaving the company. The company reported a loss of $27.9 million (28 cents pershare) compared to a profit of $3.9 million (4 cents a share) for the year-ago period. Wolf is … Continue reading

How New Relic plans to do much, much more with all that app data

New Relic has big plans for all the data it collects about application performance. On Thursday, it announced a new version of New Relic for Mobile Apps that will “go deep into iOS or Android code to debug mobile apps in real time,” said CEO Lew Cirne. It will also preview a new software analytics service that promises developers a deeper, … Continue reading

Privacy activists get second shot at Facebook PRISM investigation in Ireland

The Irish High Court has granted the activist group Europe v Facebook a judicial review of an earlier decision by the country’s data protection commissioner, who refused to launch an investigation into Facebook’s alleged transfer of customer data to the NSA. Europe v Facebook (EvF) is, as the name suggests, a thorn in the social network company’s side. Founded a … Continue reading

Airbnb open sources SmartStack, its take on automating uptime

Building a service-oriented architecture for a web application is probably the right way to go, but managing so many services — all interconnected but all living and running in their own little bubbles — can be tricky. Airbnb solved the problem for its service by building a system called SmartStack, which the company has open sourced on GitHub. The company … Continue reading