Google Cloud Platform Announces Price Cuts, Managed VMs and new Developer Experiences

Google has ruffled feathers with Cloud Computing vendors by announcing a series of price cuts and features that are bound to have long lasting effects on the industry. At the Cloud Platform Live Event held on March 25, Google not just cut prices drastically across its offerings, but announced key features like Managed VMs and developer experience improvements that have … Continue reading

API Strategy and Practice Day Two: The Values Behind an API-enabled Sharing Economy

API Strategy and Practice’s first European Conference, held in Amsterdam, wrapped up late Friday. Day Two of the conference continued to unfold the larger narrative that had begun on Day One, by first showing how APIs are being used across industries (from big brands to banking to non-profits). The day concluded by giving voice to the underlying values that APIs … Continue reading

Node.js Gets Ready for the Enterprise

Node.js started life as an implementation of JavaScript found in the Google Chrome browser that is optimized for event-driven, non-blocking I/O applications. Originally, Node.js found favor in organizations that needed to build real-time applications to manage distributed devices such as routers and switches. But as Node.js has evolved, it has also been widely adopted to build both mobile computing applications … Continue reading

Animetrics Launches Commercial Version of Facial Recognition API

ProgrammableWeb first covered Animetrics last year as its Facial Recognition API was picking up speed in the government and law enforcement space. Expanding on its initial success, Animetrics has now released a commercial version of the API: FaceR API.  This is Animetrics first taste of the commercial space. Paul Schuepp, Animetrics President and CEO, commented: “Our goal is to extend … Continue reading

ProgrammableWeb To Launch API Conference For Developers, Providers, and Strategists

For over eight years, ProgrammableWeb has served as the Web’s defacto journal of the API economy; offering news, advice, API directories, research data, and other information when it comes to the world of Internet-based APIs. Now, as a part of our continuing mission to serve as the world’s leading resource for developers, API providers and stakeholders, we’re announcing the the launch of ProgrammableWeb’s first-ever face-to-face conference; APIcon. Set to take place in San … Continue reading

Converter Makes JSON as Understandable as a Spreadsheet

Eric Mill, a developer at the Sunlight Foundation, has created a JSON-to-CSV converter where users can simply paste JSON code into a box and have the code automatically reformatted and re-colored, then converted into an easily readable table of data. A complete CSV of the table data can also be downloaded. The converter uses JavaScript so it runs without a … Continue reading

24 New APIs: Dice Jobs, OneNote, and Open Civic Data

This week, we had 24 new APIs added to our API directory including a medical records portal for patients, a personal health monitoring service, and a tax filing and records application. We also shared coverage of the API Strategy and Practice Conference in Amsterdam. Blue Button Connector API: Blue Button is a service that allows people in the U.S. to access their own … Continue reading

Today in APIs: OneNote API Team to Demonstrate at Build 2014, and 9 New APIs

Microsoft’s OneNote API team will show off the ease of use of the OneNote and OneDrive APIs at the upcoming Build 2014 conference. Plus, Tuenti to use Tweakker API platform and 9 new APIs. OneNote API Team to Present at Build 2014 Conference Microsoft’s OneNote API team will be showing off an app built with the OneNote and OneDrive APIs … Continue reading

Day One at API Strategy & Practice: A Whole New Paradigm

The initial buzz at drinks for the end of day one of API Strategy and Practice was: “Our minds have been blown.” The audience response is evident from three talks yesterday at API Strategy and Practice in Amsterdam. Presentations aimed at developers moved from a global rethink of what coding actually is (Mike Amundsen) to how to think and manage … Continue reading

Crittercism Provides Insight into Why Your App Crashes

Of the many things that developers need to worry about when attempting to create a successful app, two points rise to the top. First, the app can’t crash, and second, it has to respond to user input quickly. This is easier said than done, however, thanks to a deck that’s stacked against developers. Crittercism spent a month collecting over 1 … Continue reading