Today in APIs: HeyStaks Starts API Developer Program, Load Impact Provides Free Testing Of Obamacare Website, and 10 New APIs

Irish startup HeyStaks pioneers in collaborative search. Load Impact to test Obamacare website. Plus: Snapito! offers paid API documentation, new miiCard Directory API enhances and simplifies security, and 10 new APIs. HeyStaks API Promises Search Results You’ve Been Looking For HeyStacks has created an API that helps developers create collaborative search. The goal, as anyone who has used Google or … Continue reading

Goo Technologies Partners with Mozilla to Showcase the Power of Web Audio API

Goo Technologies, leader in HTML5 high-end graphics for interactive visualizations, has collaborated with Mozilla to create an interactive graphics and music application that demonstrates the features of the latest Firefox release. The demo, Songs of Diridum, showcases the Web Audio API utilized in the latest Firefox release. Before the Web Audio API, a third party was needed to effectively add … Continue reading

Today in APIs: Skype API Shutdown Provokes Petition, Firefox Web Audio, and 10 New APIs

Microsoft plans to terminate the Skype API, provoking developers to launch a petition. Goo Technologies demonstrates Firefox web audio. Plus: TM Forum launches proven API ecosystem, Google updates CardDAV API, and 10 new APIs. Skype API to End, Angry Developers Petition Microsoft: Can You Hear Me Now? Microsoft is shutting down the API for Skype, prompting developers to launch a … Continue reading

TM Forum Launches API Zone Featuring Suite of End-to-End Digital Services Management APIs

TM Forum, a global trade association that focuses on the digital economy, has just announced the launch of the TM Forum API Zone, featuring a suite of REST-based APIs designed to provide management functionality for end-to-end digital services. These new digital services management APIs were tested and integrated into a variety of apps at the 2013 TM Forum Digital Disruption … Continue reading

101 Text APIs: Alchemy, Semantria and Cheddar

Our API directory now includes 101 text APIs. The newest is the InnovativeTxt API. The most popular, in terms of mashups, is the Alchemy API. We list 3 Alchemy mashups . Below you’ll find some more stats from the directory, including the entire list of text APIs. In terms of the technical details, REST and JSON lead the way. There … Continue reading

AgileAssets Launches Version 7 and Corresponding API

AgileAssets, leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions, has launched Version 7 of its software platform, which includes an API that makes key web services available to developers and other third parties. Version 7 adds over 73 new enhancements to the platform alongside the API. The API addition hopes to trigger developers to create custom applications to meet … Continue reading

World Weather Online Launches Ski and Mountain API

World Weather Online, global weather forecast content provider, has added to its already impressive suite of weather APIs: World Weather Ski and Mountain API. World Weather Online content is already incorporated into many websites and apps. Its Ski and Mountain API is directly targeted at those needing ski-specific conditions information. Metrics such as chance of snow, snowfall, precipitation, wind speed, … Continue reading

Today in APIs: Releases Data Factory, InComm Launches Cashtie POS, and 16 New APIs

Data Factory from aims to make turning webpages into APIs easy. InComm’s new API, Cashtie Cloud Match Service helps loyalty program providers and others offer services. Plus: 16 new APIs.’s Data Factory Renders Web Pages into APIs How much coding does it take to turn a web page into an API? says zero: it’s now simply a … Continue reading