Today in APIs: OpenKit Backend for Social Games, Social Foundry’s SOAPbox API Adaptor, and 15 New APIs

The OpenKit back end goes live. Social Foundry’s SOAPbox API Adaptor. Plus: WebStorm puts everything at your finger tips, and 15 new APIs. OpenFeint Replacement OpenKit Goes Live with 10 Developers OpenKit, founded in December to replace the defunct OpenFeint, is aiming to restore some of the cross platform social services to game developers such as leader boards. As Lou … Continue reading

Open Kit 1.0 Enables Truly Social Games

In just 10 months after OpenFeint, a social platform for mobile games on Android and iOS discontinued the service, Open Kit has released version 1.0 of its Open Source alternative for game developers. Developers can now make use of their back-end services to create social cross-platform gaming features across iOS and Android, with Unity™ plug-in support. The focus of Open … Continue reading

GitHub Hosting Documentation for Dozens of APIs

GitHub is not just for code anymore. There are 84 APIs in the ProgrammableWeb directory that host their documentation on the site that makes code social. That count includes the official GitHub API, of course. What’s especially interesting is that hosting docs on GitHub is not just for small startups, side projects or entities with an open source ethos. There … Continue reading

Government shut down could further slow not-so-fast cloud adoption

Should Congress fail to avert a federal government shutdown at midnight, watch for the already long process of moving government agencies to the cloud to get longer still. And that is not good news for cloud vendors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft, which are banking on government cloud contracts to fatten their bottom lines. Federal IT projects, like other … Continue reading

Nest Thermostat Calls Out to Developers: Give us Three Months and We’ll Work with You

In signs of the growing competitiveness in the connected home/Internet of Things market, smart thermostat maker Nest has attempted a shot across the bow by launching a developer program – that won’t actually come online until “early 2014”. The news was announced at last week’s CEDIA Expo, on the same day that iControl and EcoFactor launched a partnership in direct … Continue reading

What Just Happened? Gnip’s New Twitter Search API Can Help You Find Out

Sometimes what is happening now is not as important as what happened then. I am speaking of the past and how it can help you piece events together. This what makes Gnip’s newest Twitter search API so powerful. Gnip is one of the few companies with full access to the Twitter firehouse. It’s new Gnip Search API for Twitter gives … Continue reading

Dataguise, a big data security startup, raises $13M

Startup Dataguise has closed a $13 million series B investment round “led by Toba Capital with additional capital coming from the investment arm of a leading electronic conglomerate,” according to a press release. Dataguise’s biggest selling point might be its product designed to secure data within Hadoop. Aside from standard authentication, Fremont, Calif.-based Dataguise actually uses big data techniques to … Continue reading

Putting Together a Travel Package? Relax and Let the iZento API Do It for You

If you are a travel agent, you can spend a lot of time putting together a spiffy looking travel package for a customer or you can do it in under a minute with an API. iZento announced an API this week that takes travel booking data and transforms it into a professional itinerary complete with travel documents that travel agents … Continue reading

Microsoft Windows Azure snags FedRAMP approval for government cloud work

Microsoft Windows Azure now may find it easier to win government cloud contracts with its newly minted FedRAMP approval Susie Adams, CTO of Microsoft Federal in a blog post Monday morning wrote — in perfect government-speak — that Microsoft: “received notice that Windows Azure was granted the FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO). Windows Azure is the first public cloud platform, with infrastructure … Continue reading

Cloudera now supports Accumulo, the NSA’s take on HBase

Cloudera will be integrating with the Apache Accumulo database and, according to a press release, “devoting significant internal engineering resources to speed Accumulo’s development.” The National Security Agency created Accumulo and built in fine-grained authentication to ensure only authorized individuals could see ay given piece of data. Cloudera’s support could be bittersweet for Sqrrl, an Accumulo startup comprised of former … Continue reading