Ex-NASA CTO on cloud computing, zero-gravity and Glass-like tech in 2006

No offense to the others — they’ve been great — but this week’s Structure Show podcast might be favorite one yet. Barb Darrow and I spoke with computer wunderkind Chris Kemp, who’s currently co-founder and CEO of cloud computing startup Nebula, about his time as CIO and CTO at NASA, and the crazy things he saw and did there. Oh, … Continue reading

Best New Mashups: August Roundup featuring Thinknum, Careerjet and Syndicate Plus

Summer is slowly coming to an end as Labor Day approaches which means its time to turn the page on August mashups. Before we do that, lets take a look at some of the awesome mashups submitted to our directory this month. These mashups include an artist discovery application for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, cash flow model analysis … Continue reading

API Spotlight: Streamzoo, Yay and Birdseye APIs

Of the many APIs we published this week, ten were highlighted on the blog by our team of writers. In this post, we’ll shine a spotlight on those ten, which included the CoolClimate Calculator API. CoolClimate is a survey that allows users to answer various carbon footprint related questions to get an estimate on the tons of carbon they emit … Continue reading

Microsoft lets shareholder activist ValueAct into the tent

Shareholder activism has its rewards. Microsoft has forged an unusual pact with ValueAct Capital, which bought a $2 billion stake in the company in April. That was less than 1 percent of outstanding shares, but it still made ValueAct one of Microsoft’s 15 largest shareholders. ValueAct president Mason Morfit now gets access to “selected Microsoft directors and management to discuss … Continue reading

Today in APIs: K.A.A.W and Rackspace Partner on Marconi API, CustomMade Increases Payment Transaction Activity with WePay, and 10 New APIs

Rackspace Cloud Queues is now backed by K.A.A.W’s message queue API, Marconi. WePay API now powers ecommerce for handmade goods marketplace, CustomMade, and 10 new APIs. Rackspace Cloud Queues Backed by Marconi API Rackspace recently announced that K.A.A.W’s message queue API, Marconi, backs Rackspace Cloud Queues. Marconi is an open source API message queue implementation the utilizes a RESTful API. … Continue reading

This can’t be good for Dropbox for Business

In what could be a speed bump in  Dropbox’s drive to attract paying business customers, two researchers said they were able to reverse-engineer the encryption of the Dropbox client. On the plus side from Dropbox’s perspective is that that the two, Dhiru Kholia of Openwall and Przemyslaw Wegrzyn of CodePainters, clearly meant well, and presented their findings at the USENIX Security Conference this … Continue reading

Physicists spot exploded stars with the help of volunteers’ computers

When a star dies, it’s a violent but beautiful event. It can produce a hugely energetic supernova, expelling the star’s guts into space. But sometimes the core of an exploding star collapses, forming what’s known as a pulsar. Pulsars are of interest to physicists because they hint at how a star explosion went down and help further research into Einstein’s … Continue reading

How to Get Into Disrupt SF for Free: Hack Your Way There

If you think you might like to attend the parties and conferences at TechCrunch’s Disrupt SF event September 7-11, but can’t afford the $3,000 entry fee, then why not sign up for the pre-conference hackathon? If you survive the hackathon and complete your project, you get free admittance to the conference. As it does with all its conferences, TechCrunch is … Continue reading

Microsoft and Google say feds’ plan for spy report falls flat, push court case

It’s not often that Microsoft and Google find common ground, but the NSA’s PRISM controversy has afforded them the rare opportunity to take a joint stand — and perhaps grandstand a bit. The companies will press on with previous plans to sue the government in hopes of forcing an accelerated release of information about its data collection practices. Microsoft General … Continue reading