Today in APIs: Diffbot Product Pages API and 4 New APIs

Diffbot announced the release of a Product Pages API that hunts down product pages and curates useful information. Plus: Apigee Raises $35M, Chirpify raises $6M, and 4 new APIs. Diffbot Releases Product Pages API Diffbot, a web content analysis company, recently announced the release of a comprehensive API that helps developers identify information from article pages on the web. Today … Continue reading

Call Loop API Enables SMS and Voice Broadcasting in Third Party Apps

Call Loop, web-based voice and SMS solution provider, offers the Call Loop API that allows developers to add Call Loop’s calling and SMS features to third party apps. Often referred to as the “Constant Contact” for voice and text, Call Loop focuses on broadcast communications. Businesses or individuals can reach subscriber bases via voice or text messages. Call Loop CEO, … Continue reading

evvnt API: Getting The Word Out To A Larger Audience

When planning an event, aside from all the fun stuff like the programme, the décor and the like, the bottom line is getting people to turn up; and no-one’s going to make an appearance if they don’t even know it exists. So marketing the event is key, and that’s where evvnt comes in. It’s an online event marketing service that … Continue reading

Layer 7 Survey Shows Rapidly Growing Need for API Programs by Enterprises

Layer 7, a CA Technologies company and leading API-driven integrations security and management solutions provider, has just released the results of a survey focusing on key enterprise concerns that are driving the adoption of API management solutions. Image Credit: Layer 7 140 enterprise IT professionals were polled by Layer 7 in May 2013. More than 43 percent of respondents reported … Continue reading Wants to Score With Sports Data API has taken some aggressive steps to position itself as a market leader in sports data with the release of the NFL API. Sports data tools – already playing a crucial part in the business side of many international sports – is set to see further demand as fans expect greater access to up-to-the-minute stats and as a new … Continue reading

The Sociagram API: Skip Printing a Note with Your Gift, Add a Video Note

You are shopping online and want to send a gift. But do you really want to have the retailer send one of those typed out cards with it? Sure, it includes your personal message but it just makes the recipient miss your handwriting and the ink. Sociagram offers online retailers an interesting alternative: the ability for their customers to add a … Continue reading

Screencasts – OpenNebula 4.2 Features

Here are three short screencasts that give an overview of some of the new features introduced in OpenNebula 4.2 from the user’s perspective. Enjoy! Sunstone Self-Service Cloud View The Cloud view is one of the configurable Sunstone views. This simplified view is intended for cloud consumers that just require a portal where they can provision new virtual machines easily. They … Continue reading

Amazon Redshift – New features and built-in functions

We’re delighted to announce a number new features for Amazon Redshift. Over the past month, we’ve simplified loading with support for scientific notation, automatic detection of date and time formats and seconds or milliseconds since epoch. We’ve improved compression with byte dictionary encoding of VARCHAR columns, query flexibility with functions for SHA1, MD5, time zone conversions, and workload management with … Continue reading

Sensetecnic WoTkit API: Ramping Up the Internet of Things

The Sensetonic WoTkit (Web of Things kit) API enables developers to integrate its “WoTkit” sensing platform used to connect objects to the Internet. The idea extends to engaging “end users as ‘participatory sensors’, allowing our customers to offer new and revolutionary services.” Sensetecnic’s API joins a handful of at least 6 APIs related to the internet of things in our … Continue reading

Today in APIs: App Annie Mobile Solution for Game Analytics, Xsuite Enhanced Security Controls for AWS Cloud Management and 4 New APIs

App Annie’s mobile app lets developers measure app analytics on the go. Xsuite fortified to handle security for AWS APIs. Plus: Rackspace’s Scobie responds to Cloudscaling CTO over Amazon APIs, expands support for app developers, and 4 new APIs. App Annie Releases Solution to Help Studios Climb the App Store Rankings If you are an app developer, who is … Continue reading