Best New Mashups: The Most Popular Mashups Featuring Google Maps and Twitter

This week we’re going to take a look at the most visited mashups in the ProgrammableWeb mashup directory over the last three months. The mashups all make use of the Google Maps API and appeared in our directory as far back as 2008 to as recently as last January. Take a look below for more details on each. Live … Continue reading

Stackato and Komodo in Portland for DrupalCon

DrupalCon this year was an absolute blast! This was my very first convention, so it was a little nerve-racking, but it was an incredible experience. The sponsors, coordinators, and the visitors there were all great people to talk to, and the food was AMAZING. Development lead for Komodo IDE Todd Whiteman and myself arrived over in Portland on Monday, and … Continue reading

Competitive Delivery Options For Retailers: Deliv API

With e-commerce becoming more popular by the day, along with the convenience of shopping online and having goods delivered directly, are local retailers in danger of losing many of their regular in-store spenders? Deliv is a delivery service application that aims to tackle this very issue and offers retailers who decide to provide online shopping options, a same-day delivery solution … Continue reading

Roundup: Articles About Google Glass Apps and APIs

There has been a lot of buzz in recent months about “Google Glass,” a wearable computer with a head-mounted display that is currently in development by Google as part of “Project Glass.” The general public’s reception of Google Glass has been mixed, with some eagerly awaiting it’s arrival and others hating the very idea of it’s existence. Despite the mixed … Continue reading

Google’s First 10 APIs: Where Are They Now?

ProgrammableWeb now tracks over 100 Google APIs. The search giant has always been developer-focused. By mid-2006, way early in the API timeline, Google already had 10 APIs. We’ll look at where they are now and reflect on how amazing it is that eight of those 10 are still around. And there’s an irony to the two that are no longer … Continue reading

Valet Car Locator Automates its App with Google Location APIs

Valet, car locator app for Android, has expanded beyond a handy reminder of where you parked your car. Valet was quick to jump on Google’s recent release of location APIs and expand its functionality. Before the latest location APIs, a Valet user would need to manually start a timer and notify the app when parked so the app could drop … Continue reading

Rallyverse, a platform that helps companies become socially adept, releases its API

Do you suffer from a loss for words when it comes to Twitter? Not sure of what to share next on LinkedIn? You are not alone. Social media is hard work for companies, especially when they have to say something several times a day. That’s where Rallyverse steps in. Focused on content inspiration, the New York, NY-based Rallyverse is heralding … Continue reading

Here’s why CERN ditched OpenNebula for OpenStack

CERN, Europe’s big particle physics lab, had been what might be termed showcase deployments of OpenNebula, the OpenStack rival turned vCloud rival. But no longer – all resources have been shifted from OpenNebula to, uh, OpenStack and vCloud. The research facility is trying to develop a private cloud to serve 11,000 physicists around the world and, with the Large Hadron … Continue reading

Cyber theft hurts China too, says U.S. Secretary of Defense

The cybersecurity threat facing the U.S. isn’t going away and, oh by the way, is a threat to China as well, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Friday. “Cyber threats are … probably as insidious and real a threat [as there is] to the United States, as well as China, by the way, and every nation,” Hagel said according … Continue reading