Gartner’s Recommendation: Use 3rd-party Cloud APIs…

An interesting article (by @cloudpundit) from Gartner: Don’t Let OpenStack Hype Distort Your Selection of a Cloud Management Platform in 2012. The recommendations are not specific for OpenStack. The following table form the exact same article gives a nice impression of Garnter’s recommendations: (Source: The second recommendation is probably most interesting: ‘Use a 3rd party cloud API library […]‘ … Continue reading

OCCI Enables pan-European Cloud Interoperability

At the EGI Technical Forum in Prague, the FedCloud task force presented their progress on bringing various standards together in order to compose a federated cloud within Europe. The presentation ended with an impressive live demonstration of that very work.   During the presentation eight different sites participated offering a set of standardised interfaces. Upon those sites cloud resources were … Continue reading

OCCI Plays a Key Role in EGI FedCloud Initiative

In the European Grid Initiative Inspired Newsletter for September the recent activities of the EGI FedCloud initiative are summarised. OCCI is playing a key role for the goal of the Task Force to deliver a blueprint defining how federated virtualised environments can be implemented. A workable test bed has been set up by members of EGI as the implementation and deployment … Continue reading