It is a good idea

“It is a good idea, light and small,” said, director of cabin electronics for General Dynamics. Linder’s company yesterday introduced EmPower YES!, an in flight entertainment system that can store 28 feature films and 100 hours of music. Because the system is embedded in each seat of an aircraft, it is heavier and more costly than the APS.. If you … Continue reading

But this may be the last

A few years before that, voters were similarly ill at ease with Republican candidate Mitt Romney significant ties to the finance world. As far back as Gerald Ford, presidents working the Wall Street speaking circuit after their terms have ended have gotten, in Ford words, The idea that taking money from powerful bankers so soon after leaving office creates the … Continue reading

Make your own clothes

In those days, the old Edmonton Eskimos challenged for the Stanley Cup three times. Promoters, the beginning of an unfortunate trend. An obnoxious design fad is rearing its head in Eugene: structures that look like boxy Nike gear. No new building epitomizes that more than the Hilton Home2 Suites going up at 11th and Olive downtown. Its GP102 processor is … Continue reading

is famous for its beer

McCormick takes the position a crisis in American manufacturing began when China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001. Factories shuttered, kicking thousands of American workers to the unemployment curb. The key to getting an affordable flight to Orlando is to plan ahead as much as a year in advance. Think about taking your kids out of school for this … Continue reading